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Useful links  
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clinical trials  
general information on IC  
  • ReliefInsite
    a pain relief website with excellent information on pain management for patients, healthcare providers and healthcare companies
  • Urological Pelvic Pain Collaborative Research Network (UPPCRN)
    • the UPPCRN serves as the official NIDDK Working Group on chronic pelvic pain of urological origin, to facilitate interaction of study groups and investigators, both nationally and internationally, to advance the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of these diseases
Fowler's Syndrome  

Fowler's syndrome is the inability to pass urine normally in young women. It is caused by the sphincter’s failure to relax to allow urine to be passed normally. There is no neurological disorder associated with the condition. Up to half the women have associated polycystic ovaries.

websites of professional organizations  
  • Urology Health
    • a website of the American Urological Association with a lot of information on urological diseases; the link takes you directly to the section on IC.
  • Urology Week
    • the EAU has started a people-oriented site which should help the European public find their way to the urologist;it offers information about three key subjects - prostate conditions, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction – in the form of interviews, film footage, background articles, etc
    • it also informs the public about the Urology Week programme in several European countries
    • there is a link from the website to the websites of the participating national urological societies

National Institute of Health (NIH)  
  • NIDDK booklet on IC/PBS
    • the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) has a patient booklet on IC/PBS; this booklet is written in very simple terms and can be found on their website
  • Uro Today
    Translating urology research into clinical practice
Uro Today
  • Timely Topics in Medicine-Urology (TTMed - Urology)
    Timely Topics in Medicine-Urology is Prous Science's on-line medical education service for specialist urologists and comprises original a medical news service, review articles, access to webcasts of key international congress lectures, clinical scenarios, self assessment programmes, congress reports and more
  • Alliance for Aging Research
    • this alliance is currently working on an educational project geared towards consumers on BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy or enlarged prostate) 
    • this project involves the development of educational materials on the condition and its symptoms, in hopes of educating the public on BPH and distinguishing it from prostate cancer
  • UROlog
    • the urologic website with information for professionals and patients
  • Urosource
    • uroSource is a new independent website with an extensive database filled with scientific articles, fact sheets, key article reports, meetings and congress reports and related urological literature
    • this free service is updated on a daily basis.
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