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selected literature on chronic pelvic pain    
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  • Chronic pelvic pain.
    Baranowski AP. Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol 2009;23:593-610
    · a review on chronic pelvic pain and its taxonomy
  • Sites of pain from interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome.
    Warren JW, Langenberg P, Greenberg P, et al. J Urol 2008 Aug 14. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 18707715
    • multiple pain sites are common in IC/PBS
    • in this study the authors hypothesized that careful and systematic description might provide clues to its pathogenesis
    • they concluded that suprapubic prominence and changes in the voiding cycle are features consistent with but do not prove that the bladder is the pain generator in IC/PBS and the pain sites described by patients are referred from it
  • A life of pelvic pain
    Berkley KJ. Physiol Behav 2005;86:272-80 PMID: 16139851
  • The pains of endometriosis.
    Berkley KJ, Rapkin AJ, Papka RE. Science 2005;308(5728):1587-9 PMID: 15947176
  • Successful downregulation of bladder sensory nerves with combination of heparin and alkalinized lidocaine in patients with interstitial cystitis.
    Parsons CL. Urology 2005;65:45-8 PMID: 15667861
  • Absorption of alkalized intravesical lidocaine in normal and inflamed bladders: a simple method for improving bladder anesthesia.
    Henry R, Patterson L, Avery N, et al. J Urol 2001;165(6 Pt 1):1900-3 PMID: 11371877





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