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The International Painful Bladder Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organisation and is entirely dependent on sponsoring and donations to be able to carry out its valuable work around the world. Your donation will be used to raise awareness about IC/PBS and associated disorders in the widest sense of the word, distributing up-to-date information to patients and professionals, helping new support groups off the ground, running a website, publishing a newsletter and many other activities, including much hard work behind the scenes stimulating research, coordinating people with a special interest in this field and putting them in touch with each other so as to ensure better global collaboration. This will benefit patients worldwide.

Your donation or sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

Bank: ING
Account name: Stichting International Painful Bladder Foundation
Account address: Mahlerlaan 4, 1411 HW Naarden, The Netherlands
Bank Account number: 4670458

IBAN code: NL17 INGB 0004 6704 58





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